Leadway Assurance Canvasses Work-Life Balance

Leadway Assurance Company Limited has called for an increase in work-life integration among women, in order to ensure organisational growth and personal development.

Speaking at a special event to mark the international Women’s Day (IWD) the Director, Human Resources, Leadway Assurance, Kunbi Adeoti, noted that work-life integration allows the control of different components of life in a way that provides control over managing the boundaries of work and personal life.

Adeoti, reiterated the need for every woman to effective strike a balance between work and personal life, in order to help women remain an invaluable asset to family, community and the country.

She said: “For us at Leadway, we recognise the environment in which we operate because we have women in our workforce, and we understand the pressures that they face economically and culturally

“We need to make these women understand how they can navigate in such a way that they balance their lives and become productive both in the home front and in the workplace.

“It’s no longer about work-life balance, but how to integrate between the job and other aspects of life, because we are aware that the work itself is evolving. It is no longer restricted to one location or being in the office.”
In her remarks, the Managing Consultant, Thistle Praxis Consulting, Ini Abimbola, noted that the country has gone beyond just the conversation of giving opportunities to the women.

She stated that women are standing up to take up opportunities, while commending the number of women that voted during the elections and those that were voted for.

Abimbola, added that like other countries, there was need to go beyond talking about these opportunities to ensuring that we make them available.

According to her, “We can look at this year’s theme in two different ways: How to have a gender balance where fifty per cent of our country’s population as men become our strong partners in pushing the gender conversation; and in terms of our lives as women, mothers, wives and career women, and the need to talk about how to (balance all that for) better.

“We have a country that is growing, we are talking of having more women in the Parliament, represented in government and across the boards of private organisations, so when we talk of balance for better, we are looking at balance across board.

“Hence, we are not just looking at work-life balance but work-life integration, how to integrate every aspect of our lives so that at the end, we become better persons, better employees and better citizens of the country.”